Devotional thought 8-24-2016

​Gracious is the Lord, and righteous; Yes, our God is compassionate.

Psalms 116:5 NASB 

The psalmist really had experiences with God because you cannot write this verse if God hasn’t done something in your life. Look at what he said about God. Gracious is the Lord. Someone reading this understands that they shouldn’t be here today but God, in His graciousness towards us, kept you. 

We don’t deserve His mercy but He gives it anyway because that’s what He does. May we all continue to abide in Him and His graciousness

Devotional thought 8-23-2016

​For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the afflicted ones with salvation.

Psalms 149:4 NASB

God wants us to be beautiful. However His definition of beauty is far different than ours. While some of us are spending hours upon hours trying on new makeup styles or trying to get our hair just right, God’s makeup kit contains one item, salvation. We just need to stop and let Him apply it to us, instead of trying to apply it ourselves. We’ve all seen someone who doesn’t know how to apply makeup and the results are not pretty. 

In God’s makeup bag there is no eyeliner, lip gloss or blush. No nail polish, just 100% pure salvation. 100% forgiveness of sins that make you perfect in His eyes. 

So get your makeup done by the Master…you’ll be prettier for it.

Devotional thought 8-22-2016

​For this reason the Jews were persecuting Jesus, because He was doing these things on the Sabbath.

John 5:16 NASB

There are verses in the Bible that jump out and shake you when the time is right. They were persecuting Jesus because He was healing people on the Sabbath. If you are not familiar with the Sabbath definitely check it out in scripture, but it is definitely a time when good should be done. And I have to ask myself if we are so caught up in our own “righteousness” that we miss the opportunity to do good AND persecute those who are simply because they aren’t doing it our way or at a time we say is acceptable. 

We need to really give over everything to God and let Him clean us up.

Devotional thought 8-21-2016

​Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, But righteousness delivers from death.

Proverbs 11:4 NASB

Let’s face it, we all want to be wealthy. There is a certain perception that with wealth comes a life of ease and no stress. But scripture on many occasions advises us against making the pursuit of wealth the end all be all. And it should not come at the expense of our very soul.

Unfortunately many of us don’t know this or we choose to ignore it. And we don’t realize that we are putting our very souls in jeopardy of being lost simply because we want that new 3 series or that house. 

I wonder what would happen if we pursued righteousness like we pursued wealth…..

Devotional Thought 8-19-2016

He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.

1 John 5:12 NASB

The life. A lot of people talk about the life but there is only one the life that matters. And truthfully I don’t know if we would choose it. Let’s be honest, Christ said that if you follow Him, there would be struggles, hardships, heartache but you would get eternal life and peace one day v. Do your own thing, be comfortable for a time, no struggles and hardships but you would one day not be alive.  Which life would we choose?  Which life HAVE we chosen?

THE life that Christ offers is not glamourous and it definitely ain’t easy. But one day all the pain and all the suffering will be gone and you will be with Him, forever. That’s enough to keep me going.

Devotional thought 8-18-2016

​casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

1 Peter 5:7 NASB

Sometimes when we read scripture we don’t think of the perspective of the writer/author of the book we are in. As I was thiking about how to open this devotional today my mind was drawn to the pain some of my friends are going through. And then I thought about Peter and said yeah he would definitely understand suffering and anguish. After all he did betray the Master in His hour of greatest need. Yet the Master forgave him. So when Peter says He cares for you, he understands that on a deep personal level. Peter has no other choice but to cast his anxiety upon Christ for no one else could understand his suffering. Which is why he shares with us to give our anxiety to Christ. 

So no matter what you are going through, sickness, death, relationships falling apart, jobless, etc. Give that thing over to God. And then watch what happens because He cares for you.

Devotional thought 8-17-2016

​Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time,

1 Peter 5:6 NASB

But I don’t want to wait to be exalted. That’s what went through my mind when I read this text. And that is the problem we have. We don’t want to opera on God’s time. So we choose the career we want, the partner we want, the car we want, the house, etc. If we just operated on His time how much better would it all be?

This doesn’t even deal with humbling ourselves which is an even bigger problem. 

We need God’s help badly.