Devotional thought 10-4-2015

All that generation also were gathered to their fathers; and there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord , nor yet the work which He had done for Israel.
Judges 2:10 NASB

I was visiting with friends yesterday and they were lamenting the state of their church and how the church was dying before their very eyes. And as I was reading the above text it made me think of them and this question arose for me, how did the kids lose their way? Didnt God command them to write the laws on their houses and as they came and went to share these things with their children. Didn’t exodus 12:25 and deut. 27:3, talk about how the adults were to share with the kids why they were doing these things? So how then could it be that there arose a generation who did not know the Lord?

As adults we have a responsibility to share the goodness of God with the next generation. To share how He brought you through those hard times and how He manifested His power and providence. And if we choose to remain silent there will arise a generation who does not know the Lord, and it will be our fault.

Devotional thought 10-3-2015

Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him.
John 14:23 NASB

The red letter editions of scripture are interesting to me because they highlight Christ’s words. So when He says if anyone loves Me…it should make us ask if we really do love Him. We say we love Him but do we do His word? We say we love Him but are we following the commandments of men rather than His word? You got to be all in on Christ. If you love Him, keep His word. And in doing so the Father will love you and together They will come to you and abide with you and in you.

Devotional thought 10-1-2015

They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,” declares the Lord .
Jeremiah 1:19 Nasb

These words were spoken to Jeremiah as a comfort to his hesitation to speak the word of God. How much more should they be of comfort to us when we are called to represent Him in our daily lives. We all know that the life of a Christian is not easy but when you know that God is with you to deliver you……

Devotional thought 9-30-2015

First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.
1 Timothy 2:1-2 NASB

Prayer for the leaders of your country is what is needed not criticism. Paul understood that the goal is to be able to live in peace and spread the Gospel freely. Those are the things that matter. So when you are praying, ask for blessing and wisdom on those leaders in your nation, that you live in peace and be able to spread the word unimpeded.

Devotional thought 9-29-2015

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’
Jeremiah 33:3 NASB

Being able to call on God and knowing that He hears you is one of the most comforting things in this life. That is why when the prophet speaks here and says that God will answer you AND tell you things, great and mighty things, we should rejoice. There is never a fear that God will bring us to something only to leave us in the crucial hour. He will tell us that which we need to know to accomplish the tasks that are set before us. And this is what He said He would do.

Devotional thought 9-28-2015

For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.
Psalms 100:5 NASB

We have a hard time appreciating the blessings God gives us. For in every trial there is indeed a blessing that is there, a lesson to learn and a chance to grow closer to Him. However we tend to look at the negative, ignoring the blessings from God and being ungrateful in the process of doing so. That is why I’m glad for the text today that reminds us of this indisputable fact: For the Lord is good; His lovingkindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.
Psalms 100:5 NASB

Devotional thought 9-27-2015

Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.
1 Corinthians 6:11 NASB

When you get a chance you should read this chapter to see what you once were. And there is a saying that it’s not about
what happened, but what happens next. And what happens next when you give yourself to God is you get cleaned up, set aside for God’s use and you are justified in the name of Christ. So that what you were doesn’t matter because now you belong to God.